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Closest to the Pin is Back!

Good News for the accurate players! EV has reinstituted our ability to play the Closest to the Pin on all 4 par threes.

Rules for Signing up for SVGC Events during Covid-19:

  • Each foursome can have 2 golf carts. So if there is a walker in the foursome, one person could ride alone; two walkers two single riders, etc.. If all 4 golfers are riding there must be a 2 person shared cart for each of the twosomes in that foursome. There is no special walking rate. So one could walk  part way or the whole damn thing and put their golf bag on the cart with their “riding” partner. Please put W (Walking) or R (Riding) after your name in the sign up sheet on Google Drive
  • You'll receive an email when the sign-up sheet is up on Google Drive.

SVGC Now accepting Paypal payments for             AWAY TOURNAMENTS and MEMBERSHIP

SVGC has added the Paypal feature to make it more convenient for those who don’t want to send checks through the mail.
Of Course using Paypal is NOT REQUIRED.

If you don’t already have a Paypal account the link to the video below will walk you through the process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to pay with using Paypal with NO FEES, you MUST link it to a bank account.
You CAN NOT use a credit card on Paypal without a fee being charged to the club. If you don't want to link a bank account, you can pay the old way, mail a check.

How to JOIN Paypal:

How to use the Friends and Family option so as not to insure any fees.

Once you’ve setup your account, you’re ready to start paying using Paypal.

The email address to make payments is: SonomaValleyGolf@gmail

2020 Club Champion

Sonoma Valley Golf Club

The Board of Directors of the Sonoma Valley Golf Club (SVGC) will again sponsor the position of Club Champion. The Club Champion will be the golfer that has amassed the most points at the end of the golfing season. The golfers name and year won will be engraved on the SVGC Club Champion trophy, which will be on display in the golf shop. 

Points will be awarded for the winners of each flight during a tournament at Eagle Vines golf Course. No points will be awarded for away tournaments (since all members may not be able to participate in those) or for team tournaments (where players may be asked to pick up and continue play when the team score has already been made). 

The existing Flight winners system (three Flights based upon handicaps) will be used for awarding points, as follows: 4 for the winner, 3 for second, 2 for third and 1 for fourth place. Monies for the Flight winners will continue to be awarded after each tournament. The status of the competition will be published at least each month. 

The competition is considered to have begun with the first regular tournament. It will end with an on-line announcement after the last tournament played in December.

Club Championship Points 2021