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2022 SVGC Schedule

How to Sign up for Tournaments on Google Drive

These are the instructions for getting into Google Drive or Google Docs in order to sign up for SVGC Tournaments:

  1. Click on the button below that reads: Go to Google Docs Signup Sheet. It will take you directly to the sign up sheet for all SVGC Tournaments. OR, hold down the CRTL (control key) and simultaneously click on the URRL:
  2. To sign up double click on the space corresponding to the time you wish and type your name in whatever box you wish and then click anywhere else on the page away from that box to save your entry.
  3. Close the site and it automatically saves your entry.
  4. Do not change any other entries without permission from the golfer who signed up in that box. 

Options for Paying AWAY Tournament Fees

Options for paying AWAY TOURNAMENT FEES:

1. PayPal: Pay to email address: Use the "Friends and Family" option for no fees.
    You MUST have a bank or savings account linked to Paypal. You CANNOT use a credit card to pay on Paypal!
    Include info in the NOTE field indicating what the payment is for.

2. Check: Mail payment made out to SVGC to: K Schnabel, 340 Davila Ct, Sonoma 95476.

Eagle Vines Tournaments

The cost for Eagle Vines tournaments is $50 dollars which includes green fees, sweeps and the cart fee. There is a several dollar reduction in cost during the winter season which for 2022 runs until April.  Sweeps are $4 of the $50 and winners are credited with pro-shop credits in an individual account at Eagle Vines. For away tournaments cash prizes are awarded and the cost for these rounds varies depending on the course and its fees. Winnings are paid out once or twice yearly for the away tournaments. Results of all tournaments will be sent to you by email.

Eagle Vines requires that all members of SVGC by a Bronze Player Card which costs $50. There is also an option to purchase a $200 gift card which can be used for any expense at EV and a free Bronze card comes with it. Those who have EV Silver or Platinum cards are obviously exempt. 

Handicaps are established by NCGA. You should enter your own score after each round the course computer or through the NCGA app on a smart phone. Eagle Vines tournament scores are slated to be automatically entered by the pros at the course so do not enter these scores! Information on the new World Handicap System is available on the NCGA website and I will send out a brief description in January to all our members. 

Our handicap chairman, Jim Honeywell, randomly checks our membership to be sure all rounds are entered. 

These are updated monthly and sent you by e-mail.

Our players use 5 tee boxes. Our guidelines are as follows:

Handicap Indexes:

0-15 White Tees 

15.1-25 Gold Tees or White Gold Combo

25.1-40 Red Tees or Red Gold Combo

If your index (not handicap) plus your age is 85 or greater; then you can play from any tee you wish.

You are free to play from a longer (harder tee) but not from a shorter (easier) one.

Balls hit on to par 3s are eligible for closest to the hole winnings. If you fail to record the tee from which you played on the hole cards the shot may not count for sweeps.

You must indicate on the scorecard which tees you play from, so I can assign your score to the proper flight (W, G, R, or Combo). If you fail to do this you may be disqualified from sweeps winnings for that tournament. 

Our tournaments comply with NCGA rules unless special local rules are stated. The ball is played down, no bumping. If you hit a shot OB, play it as a lateral, dropping where the ball crossed the hazard. Winter rules are announced when appropriate.

You are free to invite guests who may play one round a year at our member rates. After that they must join SVGC or pay the regular non-member SVGC green fees. Guests do not participate in sweeps since there is no mechanism to reimburse them for winnings. The green fees for guests for the winter are $40 and slightly more after summer rates are in effect. 

We have made major efforts to speed slow play. Please try and keep up with the group in front. We are aiming for a round that lasts no longer than 4.5 hours.

Rules of Play for SVGC Tournaments 2021

A. We play according to USGA Rules with the following exceptions and local rules:

  1. No bumping the ball or improving lies unless we are playing by winter rules announced at the tournament onset. 
  2. Play all out of bounds (white staked boundaries) shots as lateral hazards with one stroke penalty. Alternatively, a provisional ball may be hit (hitting 3 off the tee).
  3. Lost Ball Drop nearest to probable location and take one stroke penalty.
  4. Sand Traps Bunkers at EV have been fixed so play it out of the trap as it lies. 
  5. Lateral (red stakes) and lateral water hazards (yellow stakes). There are several options. 
  6. Play the ball as it lies. No penalty.
  7. Return to point from where ball was hit into the hazard and re-hit. One stroke penalty.
  8. Drop ball on the line where it last crossed the border of the hazard in line with the hole as far back as one wishes. One stroke penalty.
  9. For Red stakes only. Drop ball two club lengths from point where it last crossed the hazard boundary, no closer to the hole. One stroke penalty. 
  10. 12th hole Ball hit off tee into right lateral hazard is played according to rule 5 above. If you hit your ball into the hazard off the tee do NOT drop on green side of hole. Ball hit into gully in front of green on second or third shot is dropped on green side of hole with one stroke penalty.
  11. Putt out all balls on greens. No gimmies!

B. New USGA Rules for 2019+2020

Here are some of the new USGA rules for 2019 that apply to our game. If you wish to read them in more detail go to the USGA website. 2019 Rules -

  1. When measuring for relief use longest club in bag
  2. No penalty for double hit on club
  3. No penalty for accidentally moving ball on greens
  4. Flagstick can be left in for putting on greens
  5. No penalty for removing loose impediments or grounding club in hazards
  6. No penalty for removing loose impediments in bunkers or gently touching ground. May not ground club near the ball. 
  7. Search for lost ball reduced from 5 to 3 minutes
  8. Accidentally moving ball in search no penalty
  9. All damage on green can be repaired
  10. If ball hits opponent; play it as it lies. 
  11. Ball wedged in hole against flagstick is holed. 

C. General Considerations

  1. Arrive at pro-shop at least 30 minutes before your tee time and pay for round.
  2. Practice balls are complimentary on tournament days. 
  3. Guests are welcome once a season at our rate but without participating in sweeps or paying for them, and thereafter if they wish to play in our tournaments they should join the club as dues paying members.
  4. You must record the tee from which you played on the scorecards and closest to the pin cards!!! PLEASE.
  5. Turn in your scorecard with score totaled and handicaps subtracted as soon as possible after finishing your round. 
  6. ESC is now a thing of the past.  Adjust your scores for posting using net double bogey as the most you can take on any hole. Calculation is par+knocks on hole+ 2. 
  7. Please post your own scores promptly after each round at EV and elsewhere.
  8. Repair at least 2 ball marks on greens, rake traps and replace divots. 

Speed of Play

  1. Our goal is 4.5 hours at EV or less.
  2. Keep up with group in front.
  3. Walk from cart to your ball for next shot when your partner is playing.
  4. Do not linger on greens. Walk promptly to cart and move to next hole.
  5. Play ready golf.
  6. No ball hawking (searching for stray lost balls) please.

Have fun and enjoy being outside on a great golf course. We have an exciting season planned with some great home and away tournaments.